Stoney Creek's Show & Tell is a showcase
for some of the beautiful projects created
by our fans and followers.

To submit a project
you would like to see
featured in Show & Tell,
Email a photo and description to

Submitted By:William Hoff
Date: January 2020
Design: Bodie Island,
North Carolina Lighthouse

Publication: Stoney Creek
Lighthouse Of The Month LM001

Submitted By: Vicki Matticks
Date:January 2020
Design: Snowman Ladder Truck
Publication: Stoney Creek Leaflet 452
Snowman Ladder Truck

Submitted By: Nikki Audette
Date: January 2020
Design: Various Stocking Designs
Publications: Various/Unknown

Submitted By: Elaine Hofer
Date: January 2020
Design: Easter Bunny Towel
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 397
Towels To Celebrate

Submitted By: Carrie Dabb
Date: January 2020
Design: Isaiah 9:6
Publication: Stoney Creek Collection Magazine Summer 2019 Issue

Submitted By: Lynne Fuller
Date: January 2020
Design: Home Town Afghan
Publication: Stoney Creek Book 524
Home Town Afghan

Submitted By: Beverly Swiontek
Date: January 2020
Design: Beach Bounty
Publication: Stoney Creek Leaflet 444
Beach Bounty

(Originally published in the
Stoney Creek Collecton Magazine
Winter 2017 Issue Sold Out

Submitted By: Lyla Page
Date: February 2020
Design: Black Fury
Designer: Tereena Clarke